Young QBs are an NFL bargain; what is Brock Osweiler?

The Gang of Four's Revolution: How young QBs and their cheap contracts make veterans like Philip Rivers look expendable

It’s unlikely that we’ll see quarterback crops emerge every year to the extent that the Gang of Four did this past season, but this issue isn’t going away. Young quarterbacks on rookie contracts are going to remain an enormous bargain for the foreseeable future.

It's always fun to discuss the fading effectiveness of Phil Rivers, but Barnwell's article raises a topic we'll be discussing for however long Peyton Manning is in Denver.

If Manning plays out his four-year deal without missing significant time, Brock Osweiler will hit unrestricted free agency without having played much, if at all. Granted, that is both an unlikely and welcome scenario, while retirement by Peyton prior to that would give Denver time to see what they have in Osweiler.

However it plays out, the Broncos will eventually be faced with a very interesting football and financial decision on young Brock.

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