Woodson: Pay in Denver wouldn’t have matched role

Charles Woodson still minus No. 24

“I came into the talks with Denver knowing exactly what I wanted. Even though I want to win a championship, I still want to make the business part of it right. Everybody talks to me as if they want me to come in and do all of these things but they don’t want to treat me as a guy that is going to do all of those things.

“Those talks of course broke down, didn’t happen and I left Denver and I got here to Oakland. . . . You can either take what they give you or you can say, ‘Nah, I’ll do something different,’ and that’s the way it went,” he said.

Each time Charles Woodson opens his mouth about his decision not to sign with Denver, he appears just a tad more upset about how things went.

Here's hoping Tracy Porter holds out for a king's ransom on the #24 jersey Chuck would never have had a chance at in Denver. $700K sounds about right...

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