Who was the Broncos’ worst first-rounder since 1990?

Examining the worst first-round NFL draft pick for each team since 1990

Sure are a lot of busts from the 2007 class and despot Mike Croel’s selection at 4th overall being floppish, we’re going with Jarvis Moss here.

Look, I know there's a lot of work behind crafting a list involving every NFL team over 25 years. But it's not that hard. And while everyone knows how I feel about Tim Tebow, there's no way he was a worse draft choice than Willie Fractured Ankle Middlebrooks, Marcus Four Career Catches Nash, or Tommy Successor to 31-year-old Elway Maddox (Carl Pickens!).

Who was the Broncos' worst first-round choice between 1990 and 2014?

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