What’s up, LeSean McCoy?

Megatron's Mega Performance: Efficiency Leaders Through Week 8

Another Bronco, Knowshon Moreno, still leads all running backs in terms of total efficiency added. He’s doing it both on the ground (+14.71 NEP) and in the receiving game (+24.04 NEP).

Shady McCoy can have the league's rushing crown; Knowshon Moreno has three times as many touchdowns (nine to McCoy's three), and according to Keith Goldner's data, 37% more efficiency added.

Of course, Knowshon's team has more than twice as many wins as does McCoy's (seven to three, plus a 52-20 head-to-head beatdown). A large portion of this surely owes to the chasmic differences between quarterbacks, but still - Knowshon Moreno definitely does not suck.

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