Welker: Peyton and Brady practically the same dude

Wes Welker, Peyton Manning dined

Welker said Manning and Brady, his quarterback for six seasons with the New England Patriots, are very similar.

“I think they’re both extremely accurate ... they’re extremely smart players and have a good idea where the rush is, and moving around and buying time and getting the ball out quick and being smart and putting it right on the money.

“Not being the biggest guy out there, I definitely need a quarterback that can put it on you and just be able to read the defenses like I do and see it the same way, and I think both guys do that well,” he said.

The biggest difference, of course, is their respective ring counts, and spurned Chowderheads are all too happy to remind us that Welker and Brady didn't team up to win any SB titles. But perhaps Wes can help Peyton catch up to Tom in that department...

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