Von Miller is confident about suspension appeal

Broncos LB Von Miller's appeal of four-game suspension set for Aug. 15

“I’m confident about it. Everybody is confident about it,” Miller said after the Broncos’ preseason opener Thursday night. “I think my situation is different. I’m just looking forward to getting a resolution and getting it out of the way. It’s tough enough to play football as it is, let alone when you have all this other stuff going on.”
When asked about a possible reduction in the suspension from four games to two, Miller said: “I’m an optimistic person. I’m a man of faith. I should have been strong in my faith when I came in the league, but adversity makes you stronger in your faith. I’m at peace with it.”

Without knowing the details of why Von's been suspended, I'd take a reduction to two games at this point. What about you?

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