Von Miller is a sore loser

Great expectations: Von Miller living up to the hype as a rookie

By the time the loss was complete, the rookie linebacker was beside himself. Elvis Dumervil tried to approach his Broncos teammate the following day, but Miller responded with the silent treatment. The two sat together in a team meeting room, and while Miller stared at the greaseboard and video screen, he ignored Dumervil’s attempts to engage him.

Practice time arrived, and Dumervil finally took it upon himself to end this nonsense. “I was like, ‘Are you mad at me?’ “

Miller explained that, yes, he was peeved — intensely so. After all, he wasn’t used to coming out on the short end in a matchup on “Madden NFL 12.”

Man, this kid is Elway/MJ-like in his competitiveness.

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