Tony Dorsett diagnosed with signs of CTE

Dorsett, others show signs of CTE

Two weeks ago, upon arriving in California for his evaluation and brain scan at UCLA, Dorsett described to “Outside the Lines” the symptoms that compelled him to seek testing: memory loss, depression and thoughts of suicide.

The former Cowboys running back, now 59, said that when he took his Oct. 21 flight from Dallas to Los Angeles for testing, he repeatedly struggled to remember why he was aboard the plane and where he was going. Such episodes, he said, are commonplace when he travels.

Dorsett said he also gets lost when he drives his two youngest daughters, ages 15 and 10, to their soccer and volleyball games.

Frankly, this is one of those heartbreaking stories that makes one question one's love for the game. Let's hope Dorsett and his peers (especially the lesser known players who were never highly paid) are able get the help they need.

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