Timothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore

Tebow-mania falls on deaf ears

New York Jets fans caught the opening act of Tebow-mania at training camp Saturday, and it wasn’t love at first sight.  Tim Tebow was heckled by a few loud fans during the Jets’ first public practice, which drew an announced crowd of 2,588 on a rainy morning. The overall reception was lukewarm at best, as the backup quarterback was anything but sharp during the 2½-hour session…Tebow, working exclusively with the second team, took 12 snaps in team drills. He completed only three of eight passes in the padless practice, taking a “sack” on a play in which he scrambled from one side of the field to the other.

The play seemed to take forever. As it unfolded, some fans screamed, “Throw the ball!”  When the play finally ended, one fan screamed, “That’s why you’re No. 2.”

New York isn't Denver, that's true.  But we've seen this story before.  In fact, near the end of training camp last year, Kyle Orton finally let down his steely guard after it had become clear to everyone how little of a threat Tim Tebow was to him as a passer.  He even took Tebow aside and helped him work on his dropbacks--very big brother-like of him.  Six games into the season, Orton was sitting on the bench.

Fans are as fickle.  I give Sanchez eight games, and that's only because, unlike the Broncos, the Jets will use Tebow in the red zone, allowing the Jets just enough success to leave Sanchez as their starter a bit longer.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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