Theismann: Tebow is the “bottom rung” of QB play

Joe Theismann on Tim Tebow’s Success: Enjoy the Circus While it’s in Town

“I think what we all ought to do is enjoy the circus while it’s in town…What makes 2011 so unique is we have seen quarterback play in this league at such a high extreme and in Tim’s case, the bottom rung when it comes to completions…That defense is as good as any in football right now. The offense doesn’t turn the ball over. There’s been one interception in seven games. I say this tongue-in-cheek: The way Tim throws the ball sometimes, nobody has a shot at getting it, his guy, the defenders. It’s either bounce it in the ground or throw it in the third row.”

Does Theismann know he already missed the weekly meeting of the Hoge/Dilfer/Esiason/Young-chaired Tim Tebow Sucks Club? Maybe he's just trying to start the backlash to the "I give up, he just wins" backlash?

Or, maybe Von Miller reminds Joe too much of Lawrence Taylor, and his blood pressure is rising...

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