The tears from New England have started flowing

Welker's Gone. Now What?

Back when we were all projecting various landing spots for Wes Welker should he ultimately decide to leave the New England Patriots, there were a number of differing opinions. Some saw him in Tampa Bay. Others saw him with the Chiefs. A few even figured he would end up back in Miami with the Dolphins. And while we didn’t all agree on where Welker might eventually end up, we did all agree on one thing:

Wes Welker to the Denver Broncos is the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen.
This blows. This just blows.

My man is having a WAAHmburger with some french cries.  I'd be pissed too, if I were him.  WELKAH!!!!  It's not FAY-UH!!!!

I cannot wait to see what Tommy from Quinzee has to say about this.

H/T Charles Burnett

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