The power of the written word

Peyton Manning is a true man of letters, the handwritten kind

Since childhood, Manning has jotted handwritten thank-you notes, and for years he has maintained a tradition of sending them to various NFL players retiring from the game.

“I was so touched that the very first letter I got when I retired was from Peyton,” Lynch said. “It was a handwritten note that meant more than the gift ever was. He sent a case full of Silver Oak. It meant so much to me because of the respect I have for him. I still don’t drink it, so there’s a case of Silver Oak in my wine cellar to this day from him.”

Manning said the habit of writing letters, as opposed to relying exclusively on email, is a holdover from childhood. “My mother sent me an article one day on the fact that the handwritten letter was becoming a lost art in the text-messaging and email world,” he said. “My mother writes handwritten letters. Her parents, my dad’s mother was a legal secretary, so she was always writing personal letters.

This probably isn't the right time to admit that I wished my own mother a happy Mother's Day via email.  Of course, I followed it up with a text: "did you get my email?" 

I feel so ashamed.  Curse you, Peyton Manning.  

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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