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Cosell’s Take: You say you want a revolution?

The bottom line is this: Quarterbacks must be able to pass the ball against multiple pressure and coverage concepts designed specifically to challenge not only them, but the pass protection schemes. This is what happens on third down, the possession down, the down in which the proactive offensive tactics (read option, for instance) have no relevance. Passing the ball well in those difficult and critical situations demands specific and identifiable attributes. They are necessary for all quarterbacks to consistently succeed at the NFL level. There’s no question different players possess these characteristics in distinctive and varying degrees. But make no mistake: a tangible skill set that can be quantified is required.

It remains to be seen whether Brock Osweiler becomes as good at reading defenses, and anticipating and making throws, as the Broncos will ultimately need him to be. But Cosell's words are a great counter to the concern that Brock isn't in the read-option mold of the NFL's so-called quarterback of tomorrow.

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