The HOF case for Terrell Davis, once more

Terrell Davis, and What Makes a Hall of Famer

In his rookie season, Portis rushed for more than 1,500 yards, and the case against Terrell Davis, Hall of Famer began. Portis wasn’t alone. Both Mike Anderson and Olandis Gary managed 1,000-yard seasons in Denver, and the notion caught on that the Broncos’ “system” deserved the credit. “I blocked for every one of those guys,” Nalen says. “There wasn’t anyone that compared to TD.”

Nothing new here, but it all bears repeating until TD is finally enshrined. Anyone who regularly watched Terrell Davis during his prime knows that Nalen is absolutely correct; those other guys posted some big numbers for a year or two, but none of them were on TD's level, especially when considering his postseason career - the greatest by any running back in NFL history.

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