Tebow - simply a winner, or the next Jay Schroeder

Captain Comeback Week 12: One large week to digest

Another fourth quarter comeback. Another game-winning drive. Another 10-point comeback for the game. Another unorthodox offensive performance. Another Tebow miracle. Actually, the story on Tebow is just wrong. It’s not about winning, it’s not about his religion or Tebowing. The story should be how if you cover up his flaws and keep the game close, the guy is uncanny at putting the ugliness behind him and delivering scoring drives to win the game.

Granted, Schroeder did benefit from being plugged into an semi-dynastic team, and he did finish his career with a 61-38 record as a starter, for what that's worth. If Tebow can be 61-38 over 99 games, I think we'd all be quite happy - really, I just thought it would be a funny title...

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