Tebow in a black and white world

What We Can All Learn from Tim Tebow

Of course, the bulk of the Tebow story has yet to be told, and the overwhelming likelihood remains that one of the league’s more archetypal quarterbacks will be the one to raise this year’s championship trophy. But for now, the education of Tim Tebow is also a chance for the rest of us to be reminded of some essential truths: that we must continually create spaces for new ways of seeing and understanding old systems; that we should always play to a person’s strengths, not their weaknesses; and that, sometimes, our institutions—and not the individuals who inhabit them—should be the ones to do the adjusting.

No matter what your view on Tim Tebow, the implicit point here is as solid as the ground upon which you stand (assuming you're not reading this in an earthquake): the world--and the systems we've created--are rarely black and white.   Remember this the next time you take a side on the debate.  No one really knows how this story is going to end.  Superlatives make for good theater, but they rarely encompass the holistic thinking required to grasp or understand an issue. 

When Tebow ultimately fails or succeeds as a quarterback, his critics or supporters will then write the narrative that shapes the history, as history is always written by the winners.  In hindsight one side will be able to claim they knew it all along.

This time, they'll be right.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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