Tebow confirms he’s a megalomaniac who thinks he’s Jesus Christ

Report: Tebow sends cease and desist letter to maker of Jesus-y Jets T-shirts

Tebow’s attorneys put it this way: “The Merchandise makes it appear as if Mr. Tebow actually endorses Cubby Tees and its products.” Where that actually happens is a bit of a mystery. The shirt…remixes the Jets logo to a more Jesus-friendly theme. The “NY” is replaced with “MY” and the “JETS” is replaced with “JESUS.” In addition, what’s normally a football at the bottom of the logo is the “Ichthys,” or “sign of the fish,” often used to express faith.

And yes, when you think of Jesus and the Jets together, you probably think of Tebow, but the shirt itself contains absolutely no Tebow references. I am neither a theologian nor a lawyer, but I don’t think Tebow is the only one allowed to claim Jesus as “My Jesus.” But again, I’m not sure exactly how close Tebow and Jesus are. I could be wrong about that.

We found it odd last year when then-Broncos quarterback was comfortable with people wearing a #15 jersey with the name "Jesus" emblazoned on the back.  But what the hell did we know?  After all, we didn't know what was in Tebow's heart (except a lot of passion), right?

But Tebow's full-on God complex (the Trinity at work, y'all) just went national--just in time for Mark Sanchez.  If Tebow's attorney is right, then the names Jesus Christ and Tim Tebow are one and the same, because the merchandise never mentions Tebow's name (or even his number).

The best part of this story, however, isn't even that Tebow thinks he's Jesus in spikes; it's the hubris of his lawyers (and Robby Tebow, who is cc'ed on the letter) Check out this paragraph from his lawyers directed at the tee-shirt company:

As I'm sure you're aware, Mr. Tebow's name, voice, likeness, and identity have a substantial economic value when used for the purposes of advertising, marketing, promoting or endorsing products or services, and/or when he serves as a spokesman.

Translation: our client is in fact Jesus Christ Superstar.

I knew the Sanchize liked drama and rock opera.  Now he's getting some.

PS: Thank you, John Elway

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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