Tanier: Chiefs have a long checklist to top Broncos

Five Things the Chiefs Must Do to Beat the Broncos

The losses of Tamba Hali and [Justin] Houston against the Chargers forced Sutton to be extra aggressive, and they may have made him a little predictable with his blitz packages…But Berry cannot keep attacking on telegraphed blitzes: Manning started figuring them out in Week 11, Rivers figured them out in Week 12 and you and I are starting to know more about them than we should…Sutton may have to mix more vanilla into the rum ripple. If a blitz diagram looks a little too cute on paper, chances are it will fail on the field.

Tanier says the first matchup proved the Chiefs just don't have the talent to chuck it deep, and should instead call for more runs by Alex Smith and throws to Dexter McCluster.

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