Stuart: Manning/Romo was fourth-best QB showdown in history

Where Does Manning/Romo Rank Among Great QB Games?

So far this year, the league average ANY/A is 6.00. Since Manning was at 10.69 over 42 dropbacks, we could say that he provided 197 adjusted net yards of value over average. Meanwhile, Romo produced 285 adjusted net yards of value (40 * 7.12), which means the two quarterbacks combined to produce over 481 yards of value over average. If the league average for the season remains at 6.00, that would make this the fourth best (era-adjusted) quarterback battle since the merger, although only the second best game involving Manning.

The only bone to pick with my buddy Chase is that ANY/A ignores Manning's rushing touchdown, and of course, that's always a consideration with the dual threat that Peyton provides...

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