Stuart: Denver projects to 13.5 wins

Follow the Points: The Broncos Are the Favorites

Denver’s 179 points through four games are the second most in N.F.L. history, trailing only the 1966 Cowboys. Only 10 teams have scored 179 or more points in any four-game stretch in a season. Only five of those teams did so in the last 35 years: the 2012 and 2007 Patriots; Manning’s 2004 Colts; the 2000 Rams; and the 1998 Vikings. All of those teams failed to win the Super Bowl, however; a hot start guarantees only higher expectations.

That's somewhat surprising, right? Granted, it's only a sample of five teams, so my immediate thought was that anything can happen in the playoffs.

It just so happens that the Harvard guys posted a study on this yesterday, although their data shows that the NFL does better than MLB and the NHL at producing champions who actually played like champs during the regular season.

The glaring exception? Eli Manning's Giants, who, of course, took down those 2007 Patriots.

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