Silver: What if all of Tebow’s critics are wrong?

Tebow defies NFL conventional wisdom

Somehow, in the 2011 NFL universe, down is up, ugly is beautiful and impossibly inaccurate is damn straight. As football purists everywhere wince, Tebow is plowing, chucking and willing his way to success…Everything we’ve learned as a football-watching public for the past half-century suggests that there’s no way such a limited attack can flourish over a sustained basis… If it makes the Tebow fanatics feel any better, he is hardly the first accuracy-challenged, running-inclined person in his position to be stigmatized as unfit for long-term NFL success…Perhaps Tebow will evolve, as [Steve] Young did, and we’ll look back at his early days of grit and grind-it-out grotesqueness as a charming relic of the past.

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