Silver: Elway may trade Tebow in offseason

Belief of Elway’s commitment to Tebow overstated

In most cases, the semi-encouraging early results – along with the extreme popularity of the quarterback in question – would create enough momentum that the move toward Tebow as long-term starter had already begun. I don’t think that’s the case here, and I’m skeptical that it will ever happen, even if the Broncos win the division…I feel this way because Elway is running the show, and he possesses both the standing to tune out fan-generated hysteria and the unsurpassed knowledge of what a true franchise quarterback looks like…The Tebowites may be vocal, and they may be feisty, but they won’t intimidate him…So yes, Elway is dubious, and it’s quite possible he’ll try to trade Tebow after the season and go after one of the many enticing quarterbacks who’ll be available in the draft. If the Tebowites want to view this as a sign of Elway’s devotion to the current starter, that’s their prerogative – but that assessment would be as inaccurate as most of their hero’s medium-range passes.

If it wasn't already apparent that the anonymous source for Mike Silver's August 23 column was John Elway rather than the team's cook, perhaps his article today will make it sufficiently clear. This cannot be stressed enough: If Silver were fabricating any part of that earlier piece, John would not be granting him further access to Dove Valley. But as TJ has been saying for months, Silver and Elway are tighter than a Tebow an Aaron Rodgers-thrown spiral. At least half of Silver's column today reads as if he were quoting John verbatim, and it's painfully obvious that The Duke is not about to stake his legacy running the Broncos to a QB who can't throw. Even the cook can see that much...

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