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Blackledge Curse? Chiefs swing and miss with another QB retread

What the hell are the Kansas City Chiefs doing trading a reported two second-round picks to get quarterback Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers? Haven’t they played this let’s-go-get-somebody-else’s-quarterback-castoff game before? How has that worked out?

From Joe Montana to Matt Cassel, the Chiefs have chased that quarterback dream for decades with nothing but nightmares in the end…What I see in Smith is another in the long line of “manage-the-game” quarterbacks. When you point to a guy’s lack of interceptions—the past two seasons—as a reason to prop him up, it tells me he’s not taking shots down the field. He’s playing it safe.

The ghost of Todd Blackledge seems to be hanging over this franchise when it comes to quarterbacks. They picked Blackledge in the vaunted Class of 1983, and he ended up being the worst of the six taken, a class that included Dan Marino, John Elway and Jim Kelly. They passed on Marino and Kelly by the way.  In the time since, the Chiefs have tried to plug in guys to play quarterback. Guys like Steve DeBerg and Trent Green and broken-down guys like Montana and Warren Moon, all the while hoping to get to a Super Bowl.  Matt Cassel was the latest to fail in the plug-them-in system. So what do they do about it? They try it again.

My advice to Chiefs fans: Study the backups on the other NFL teams. Two years from now, one of those guys might be your next starting quarterback.

Regardless of your feelings about Smith, Prisco's point about the Chiefs is correct. Kansas City has a long and storied history of trying to get quarterbacks from anywhere other than their own draft.

Of course, it's damn hard to find a good quarterback.  If it weren't, Marty Schottenheimer would have several Lombardy Trophies

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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