Shaun Phillips, step right up (please)

Veteran linebacker Shaun Phillips could be crucial for Denver’s pass-rushing potential

To put that in perspective, per Football Outsiders’ game-charting metrics, Dumervil and Miller combined for 65 percent of Denver’s hits, and 70 percent of their hurries. No matter how you slice it, that’s a problem.
And that’s how Phillips operates now—he shoots through gaps and exploits gap mismatches to bring above-average pressure. it’s not done at a top-tier level, per se, but the Broncos can’t afford to be choosers right now, and Phillips could be more helpful in his new environs than many imagine.

It's no mystery that the role of Shaun Phillips became far more important with yesterday's news that Von Miller faces a four-game suspension.

Mind you, he doesn't need to replace Miller's production; he just needs to do enough to help them win while Von is out, which is a much more manageable task.

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