Shanny rehires Coyer, but not for *that* job

R*d*k*ns add a scout and offensive assistant

He will serve as an advance scout for the R*d*k*ns. Most recently, Coyer served as defensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts from 2009 to 2011.

Coyer is best known around these parts as the guy whose defense allowed PMFM & Co. to rack up 90 points in consecutive playoff games, but we prefer to remember him as the architect of the seventh-stingiest defense in Denver history relative to points allowed per game.

A five-game stretch in 2006 during which the team allowed just 26 points called to mind the Orange Crush defense of 1977, but things fell apart quickly from there, leading to the nightmarish Bob Slowik Era.

Coyer was again undone by Manning in 2011, when the QB's injury led to a 2-14 season for Indy, and you know the rest...

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