SB 48 aside, Malcolm Smith is pretty awesome

Post-Super Bowl craziness for MVP Malcolm Smith finally ends

The day of Sam’s announcement, Smith tweeted: “There is no room for bigotry in American sports. It takes courage to change the culture.” He wasn’t just speaking about Sam.

“It was about the fact the Redskins’ name is what it is; the fact that (Miami Dolphins tackle) Jonathan Martin doesn’t feel comfortable; the fact that (Oklahoma State basketball player) Marcus Smart is being called names on the sideline,” Smith said. “It was more about all those things than just him. I think that’s just another example, Michael Sam coming out. We need to face things head-on and be a little bit more responsible about the way we see things.”

Does it reduce the sting of SB 48, that Denver lost to some well spoken young men with great perspectives on life? No, it does not. (via PFT)

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