Sacco channels inner Xanders

A Different Measuring Stick

Looking at the reverse image, like staring at a reflection given by a mirror within a mirror view, the Broncos have not only done a lot of winning, but our franchise has done less losing than almost any other team.

This is a blog about winning in reverse…..

My god, we should hope not, Sacco.  Winning in reverse is not a good thing--unless you're sandwiched between two (or three!) strippers.

We have a love/hate relationship with Jim "I've been in this PR game since you were in diapers" Saccomano.

We love his hubris (and his Teddy Roosevelt references);  we hate to pass up a chance to give him the business end of our snarky stick.  Understandably, he's got one of the harder jobs in the Broncos organization--drying the sweat from the balls of John Elway (it's a metaphor Raiders fans, don't get excited), all while whitewashing the entire Josh McDaniels era.  Every move the Broncos make?  It's not only Sacco's job to pass out the Kool-Aid, but he's got to lace it with some sort of DaVincian observation on football and life--not nearly as bad as Peter King, but still bad enough to leave your mouth stained orange for hours.

Sacco is at his best when he generates odd historical trivia about the Broncos, the kind of stuff you'd never even think of asking, except when you chased your Jack Daniels with some NyQuil.  Coincidentally, this is exactly when you should stare at yourself in a mirror within a mirror.

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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