Roger Goodell, man of the people

Super Bowl Shoutout: The Power of Tebow

Behind our table was a window and a small group of fans could see inside. They spotted Tebow. The crowd grew. And grew. And grew some more. A few people turned into about 40 or 50 at least. People who couldn’t even see in the window just stood there hearing that Tebow was inside. The crowd got so large it spilled into the street and police had to tell the fans to step back onto the sidewalk.

Tebow left and went outside where he signed countless autographs (Goodell later did the same).

Kudos to Tim, whose celebrity has lessened neither his approachability nor appreciation for his fans. But, we knew about this already.

The real surprises here are that Goodell joined him, and that people actually wanted his autograph too.

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