Report: Raiders plan to use franchise tag on Lamarr Houston

Combine News & Notes: Friday

Expectations are the Oakland Raiders will tag defensive tackle Lamarr Houston.  Whether its a franchise or transition tag is not clear.  Considering the teams salary cap situation, which is a good one, the transition tag may make more sense.

As we've been mentioning since last year, the Raiders need to spend a significant chunk of their cap room (which now looks to be more than $64M) just to reach the cap floor.

Indeed, tagging Houston makes a lot of sense - for one, it helps Oakland retain a player who sounded like he was trying to talk his way out of town a couple of months ago. Two, a ~$13M cap figure for one player would help toward reaching that salary floor; three, if anyone on the Raiders is worth paying, it's PFF's 11th highest graded defensive end and beastly run defender.

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