Report: Broncos inch closer to deal with Clady

Ryan Clady, Broncos getting close on new contract, sources confirm

There has been progress in contract negotiations between Ryan Clady and the Broncos, according to two NFL sources close to each party…A potential breakthrough in negotiations came when there appeared to be agreement on the guaranteed portion of the contract, the sources said. The sides are still haggling over dollars in annual and total value.

Translation: There's agreement on the only part of the contract that truly matters, so it would be a significant upset were this not to get done. For those new to NFL contracts, it's always, all about the guaranteed money.

Recall that Vic Lombardi reported the guaranteed portion would cover the first three years of Clady's deal. What that means is essentially, the Broncos will hold one-year options on each season beyond the third. If it's a five-year contract in name, then in function, it's a three-year deal, with the Broncos holding two one-year options after that.

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