Renck: Terrance Knighton is getting pricey

Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton's exit from Broncos could leave big void

In Knighton’s case, it’s likely to create a chasm in what suitors offer and the Broncos’ price point. His market could settle between $7 million-$10 million annually. The Raiders are expected to pursue Knighton, along with the Dolphins. So, too, are the Lions, if Ndamukong Suh defects as a free agent.

Renck floats Nick Fairley, Dan Williams, and Cedric Thornton as possible replacements for Knighton. Pot Roast was terrific for Denver, but they can't afford to pay that kind of cheddar to a guy who played just 48% of their defensive snaps (33 per game) last year.

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