Reminder: Rahim Moore was really good in 2012

Secret Superstar: Rahim Moore

A year after spending some Sundays as a healthy scratch, Moore played more snaps in 2012 than any other Broncos defender. Often lining up deep as Denver’s last line of defense, Moore allowed just 0.46 Yards Per Coverage Snap and surrendered a first down or touchdown on only 1.64% of his snaps. At the same time, he frequently showed the speed and instincts to provide support against backfield screens. And when he got to the point of attack, he sealed the deal.

After amassing 11 missed tackles in 43 attempts in 2011 (including the playoffs), Moore had just eight in 96 attempts in 2012. Amazingly, he’d transformed himself from one of the worst-tackling safeties in the league into one of the best. And with a +9.0 grade in the regular season that tied for the 10th-highest of any safety, he was one of the more promising young defenders in the league. This would have been the lasting image of Moore heading into the upcoming season, except for the outcome of one play.

We're obviously not done hearing about that play, and frankly, it will continiue to be a sore spot no matter how many SB titles potentially follow it (Michael Dean Perry, you're still not off the hook). But Rahim Moore is just 23 years old, and there's no reason to think he can't live up to his pre-draft billing, if he hasn't already.

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