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Fox has Broncos in the hunt

Fox got permission to take his team in to most road games two days early, where players bond and howl and dream together, with no distractions. “Cost us a fortune, but John thought it was important,” says one Broncos insider. “You get to know a teammate better, you play harder for him.”

Fox picks one player to address the team before each game, a way of getting player buy-in. This is where Tebow made his famous “As iron sharpens iron, men sharpen men” pregame speech. (After which, Denver went out and fell behind 10-0).

Fox is real, blue collar and funny.

“The other day, before the Minnesota game, we were in the tunnel, about to come out,” says Broncos punter Britton Colquitt. “And somebody farted. It was bad. And Coach Fox goes, ‘Man, I guess somebody’s nervous!’ It just broke us all up, got us loose. That’s what he’s like. … I just met him this year and I feel like I’ve known him 20 years.”

Rick Reilly's stuff sucks with the combined power of 10 million Dysons, so don't bother to read the article, and just go with the blurb I've put above. 

The interesting takeaway is that Fox convinced the Broncos to spend significant money for team bonding purposes, which goes to refute fears that Pat Bowlen is getting cheap in his old age.  That, and the fact that the Broncos think farting is funny.

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