Ravens want Dumervil, who’s said to have better offer from Broncos

Elvis Dumervil mulls Ravens' offer; Freeney, Abraham visit Broncos

The Ravens have delivered a contract offer to Dumervil, according to two NFL sources. However, the sources say the Broncos have offered slightly more money in the early portion of the deal.

The Broncos’ money has tightened because of a $4.89 million dead-money, salary-cap hit they absorbed while releasing Dumervil last week, so re-signing Dumervil likely would mean releasing a player or two off their roster.

This has to be a tough call for Elvis, whose recent Denver experience has been just brutal. First came the stunning home playoff loss to the very team that's now pursuing him, followed by a public demand from the Broncos and John Elway that he accept a pay reduction. Next, his now former agent bungles his reworked contract, and the Broncos have now reportedly offered him less than the two sides had agreed to last Friday.

Will he take what Mike Klis reports is a somewhat better offer to stick around, or has the taste grown so bitter that he just wants a fresh start? Impossible to know what Elvis is thinking, but our hope is he remains in orange and blue.

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