PMFM makes Tracy Porter an offer he can’t refuse

Help me help you: Peyton Manning's pursuit of perfection influences his new teammates

When practice started this spring, Porter quickly picked off Manning again. A few plays later, Manning burned Porter deep.

As he walked off the field, the defensive back felt a hand on his shoulder. It was the quarterback, who said: “You tell me what I did wrong on that first play and I’ll tell you what you did wrong on that next play. That’s the only way we’re going to get better. Deal?”

Months later, Porter still shakes his head while telling the story. “Dang right, that was a deal,” he says. “He wants me to be better so he can be better. And he wants to be better to help me get better. I’ll follow a man like that into any game, anywhere, any way.”

Gotta admit that ESPN Mag has improved over the past year or so, even if we'd never subscribe to it by choice (it's a necessary evil of the necessary evil that is ESPN Insider). Anyway, this is an excellent article about the influence Peyton Manning has had at Dove Valley.

There are plenty of other great quotes to take away from the piece, but here's hoping that Greg Orton makes it through to Denver's practice squad, because he sounds like one sharp individual.

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