PK: Woodson to Oakland was all about the money

Woodson eager to justify Raiders' faith in him; mail

Woodson, the 36-year-old safety coming off an injury-plagued season in Green Bay, signed a one-year, $1.8 million deal with Oakland last week that included a $700,000 signing bonus. And it’s the bonus that was the major difference between the offers he got from Oakland and Denver, Woodson said.

“It was all about getting something to sign,’’ Woodson told “That was it.’‘

Woodson said the emotion of returning to Oakland was a factor as well. But I got the feeling talking to him that if Denver believed he was worth the risk at 36 of staying healthy for the year, and backed that belief with a significant signing bonus, he’d be a Bronco today. “My visit there was awesome,’’ said Woodson. “Meeting with John Elway and coach [John] Fox, I was very impressed.’‘

It's not for us to suggest Woodson should have taken less money and a smaller role in Denver to play such a dangerous sport, but let's just say we hope the cash helps sooth the pain of another ten-loss season, while the Broncos are off chasing rings.

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