PK: TT is not VY v2.0

Three storylines to watch as playoff race gets interesting; mail

“As a Tennessee Titans fan, I remember this exact story playing out with Vince Young when he was made the starter in 2006. The Titans started the season with five straight losses before making an improbable playoff push behind the heroics of Young despite ugly stat lines and split public opinion about whether he was a just “winner” or getting lucky and not being the long term answer. We know how this turned out in Tennessee. It’s fun while it lasts but it doesn’t last long in the NFL. Do you see a similar scenario playing out in Denver?’‘

King: Tebow didn’t have that 2-4 start Young had. He walked in and has gone 6-1, with the interesting comebacks to boot.

One would think PK could come up with a better argument than going scoreboard, right? Like, Tebow drinks the same Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino® Light that he himself prefers?

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