Phillips: Chargers only wanted me as a backup

Chargers are Broncos' farm team

“I thought it would be a no-brainer,” Phillips said. “I would just think you would keep a couple vets around just because of the fact that, to help groom the young guys … My impression was that there was no interest. They told me that the door is always open, that I could come back. But they told me that I was coming back as a backup. You know, I’m definitely not coming back as a backup.”

It's a fan's nature to suggest that Shaun Phillips will be as productive as Elvis Dumervil (or more so), but let's not forget that Denver's first choice was to keep Elvis, and that they only signed Phillips after learning that Dwight Freeney (who's now with the Chargers) and John Abraham were too pricey for their liking. At best, Phillips was the Broncos' fourth option.

That said, though, I do like the signing, especially when combined with the drafting of Quant Smith.

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