PFF: Holliday a particular problem for Dallas

3TFO: Broncos @ Cowboys, Week 5

Led by PFF Team of the Month honorees Trindon Holliday and David Bruton, Denver is easily our top special teams unit through four games at +43.6, with Seattle a distant second at +26.6.
But, Chris Jones has graded as our second-worst punter thus far at -3.2 and is allowing 57.9% of his punts to be returned, the fourth-highest rate in the league. If Dallas can’t limit Holliday’s return touches, he and the rest of his “special” teammates could be the difference in the game.

So, they may not see a lot of kickoff returns from Holliday, but the Cowboys will have to hope against hope they also don't have to chase him down on many punts, either.

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