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Broncos May Renovate Stadium Thanks To Manning

Of the Broncos’ 130 total suites, the team tries to lease 115 each season, leaving 15 to sell on a game-by-game basis. Last season, the Broncos left more than five additional suites unleased because they couldn’t find anyone willing to buy the leases, which cost an average of $115,000 per season.

But the Broncos are so confident that they will be able to sell suite leases for the upcoming season that they are planning to convert two 32-person party suites, which are sold on a game-by game basis for $15,000, into six to eight mini suites, which they would lease on a seasonal basis for $60,000. The renovations would allow the team to generate an extra $276,000 of revenue per season from the same amount of square feet in their stadium, according to Ryan Barefoot, the Broncos’ senior director of premium seating.

In related news, the team announced today that single-game tickets will go on sale July 23.

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