Peyton Manning wrote letter to Dolphins explaining his decision

Were Miami Dolphins misled about Peyton Manning?

Never mind the fact the Denver Broncos, which eventually landed Manning, had four times the amount of cap space as the Dolphins. Ignore the South Florida condo the Manning family SHARES, which Peyton Manning used as his offseason home while training with Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon this offseason. Overlook the fact Manning personally told certain Dolphins figures he’d love to play for the team before being released by the Colts.

How did the Dolphins miscalculate Manning’s interest level so badly? “I felt like a lot of people,” owner Steve Ross said at the NFL’s owners meeting last week. I’m GUESSING Ross felt played, just like he did with Jeff Fisher?

“He’d been at two teams his whole life and I think he judged it based on the fact where he would feel most comfortable, where he had familiar faces around him because that’s what he was used to,” said Ross, who received a letter from Manning explaining his decision-making process.

My hope is Manning explained to Ross that his camp kept the Dolphins in the conversation purposely to drive up the asking price, which turned into $96 million over five-years.

For the benefit of Dolphins fans everywhere, here is a sample Wonderlic question to give some needed perspective:

Who would you rather play for?

  1. John Elway
  2. Jeff Ireland
  3. Chucky Manson
  4. Foghorn Leghorn

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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