Pete Carroll scared to death of Tebow

Tim Tebow: Flavor of the month, or long-term staple in Denver?

Carroll said the Seahawks were strongly considering taking Tebow early in the draft too. “When we got close to draft time, I had an awakening,” the coach said in a phone interview this week. “All these shows where they were talking about how he’s not throwing the ball right. He’s got all these guys drilling him, trying to figure it out, get his motion to where everybody would find him acceptable. It hit me, like, ‘What are we thinking? This guy’s like the greatest winner and champion of all time, and he’s going to figure it out somehow. Whatever he needs to do to figure it out, he’ll figure it out.’  “It really changed my outlook on his value going into the draft. I wasn’t surprised to see somebody else take him, that somebody else would realize the same thing. He’s going to find a way to be successful, more so than maybe anybody else we’ve ever watched come through the college ranks.

“Now that he’s jumped in there and he’s doing it and kicking butt, it’s like, who cares how you do it? What difference does it make? This guy is contributing to a great win streak, they’re in first place, and everybody is scared to death to play them because they can’t figure out how to beat them.”

If Tebow keeps winning expect to see a lot of quotes like this coming around the bend, from both coaches and journalists. Of course, it goes without saying, they are ridiculous.

Everyone needs to get their Tebow narrative straight as fast as they can. Here's the narrative: they knew it all along. As always, the story gets rewritten to fit the result after the fact, just like John Fox is doing now. 

So Pete Carroll had an awakening and says the Seahawks were strongly considering taking Tebow? Yeah? That's why Carroll drafted Russell Okung and Earl Thomas with his first two picks in 2010 when Tebow was still on the board. 

I’m glad we had this talk.  Now, vaya con Dios, Brah.

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