Paige: John Elway wanted to hire Gary Kubiak in 2011

Paige: Old Broncos pals destined to renew friendship again

In 2010, Kubiak lost the next-to-last game of the season (on a touchdown run by Tim Tebow in his first Broncos home start). Elway had agreed with Pat Bowlen to take over the Broncos’ football operations, and Kubiak was expected to be fired in Houston. Kubiak would have been Elway’s choice as coach in 2011, but the Texans’ owner gave Kubiak an extension.

Only thing is, Tim Tebow might have been better than a 47% passer under Kubes (say, 48%?), and who knows - maybe there's no PMFM in Denver. As they say, things just have a way of working themselves out...

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