Paige: Fox, Elway, Manning seek Elway-like exit

Magazine: Denver is John Fox’s last stop

“I’m 57, and I don’t want to be coaching forever. I can’t see myself coaching well into my 60s, so this is it.”

There is, though, the other side. If they don’t win a Super Bowl this season or next, or the next, or perhaps the next, this also will [be] their final stop, and a new quarterback, a new coach and a new executive vice president would take over.

But Manning, Elway and Fox strive to ride off together from the Broncos and the NFL as champions.

It's not clear if Woody's suggesting any of the Elway/Fox/Manning triumverate would consider retirement if the Broncos were to win this year's Super Bowl. Rather, it reads likes a vague prediction that he'll later spin as proof of his own genius reporting. Either way, let's hope they're presented with that dilemma in a few months' time.

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