OTC: Expect Broncos to get four compensatory picks in 2015 Draft

Projecting the Compensatory Draft Picks for 2015

The only serious question mark that I see right now focuses on TJ Ward, going from Cleveland to Denver for an APY of $5.625 million. Since I have projected the cutoff between the fourth and fifth round to be about $5.57 million, I project that TJ Ward will count as a 4th rounder against Denver. However, should the salary cap be greater than about $142 million, that would subsequently raise that cutoff, and possibly reduce Ward to a 5th rounder.

Nick Korte (a fellow Broncos fan) projects Denver to get one fourth-round comp pick (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie), two sixth-rounders (Knowshon Moreno, Shaun Phillips), and one seventh-rounder (Robert Ayers).

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