Opposing GM: Matt Russell has great eye for college talent

Who's really in charge? AFC West has undergone great change

An outside perspective from an AFC general manager: “They’ve made a lot of changes this year, a lot of changes. Obviously Elway leans on Matt Russell a lot, though I’d guess John’s pretty good by now, too. Russell’s more college than pro, and it was a good move to get Tommy Heckert to handle the pro side. Matt’s draft-driven. ... Two years ago, they let go of Mike Bluem (now with the Indianapolis Colts), they changed the pro director, some scouts moved on. They’re changing their structure. Elway’s making it his. ... Matt’s a really good college evaluator. He has a great eye for it. Some are natural, kinda like (Colts GM Ryan) Grigson, and that’s what you always hear about Matt—that the evaluating part comes easy for him. He’s more an on-the-road guy than an office guy. ... In Carolina, Fox worked a lot in personnel. He had a pretty large say, so I’d bet he has a good say in Denver on personnel.”

These are some glowing comments, but should be tempered by the realization that the quotes are positive across Breer's league-wide analysis.

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