Not to pile on Joe Mays, but…

Snapshot: Run Stop Percentage, Linebackers

Touted as a Secret Superstar before last season, Joe Mays made us look like geniuses in 2011 with his superb play in limited snaps. However, 2012 has been a little more rocky. Mays has taken on more snaps in the Broncos’ defense and with that change he has been making fewer plays in the running game. Mays was tied with Bowman for the league lead in Run Stop Percentage in 2011 and his 46 stops were third among all linebackers. This year he has six stops, the worst Run Stop Percentage among qualifying middle linebackers, and an amazingly low nine solo tackles against the run. With the success he has had in the past, one can only expect Mays’ stats to get better as the season goes on.

He's not a candidate to move into the middle, and he does have two missed tackles (which is a lot), but interesting to see Wesley Woodyard among the leaders in RSP (eighth-best, at 13.5%). Also, as much as we've been pointing out the successes of Vontaze Burfict in Cincy, we'd be remiss to ignore his presence on the list of players with the worst RSP.

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