Nobody discriminates against gays, amirite?

Kansas House passes sweeping bill allowing anti-gay discrimination in government, businesses

[T]he sweep of Kansas’ statute is breathtaking. Any government employee is given explicit permission to discriminate against gay couples—not just county clerks and DMV employees, but literally anyone who works for the state of Kansas. If a gay couple calls the police, an officer may refuse to help them if interacting with a gay couple violates his religious principles. State hospitals can turn away gay couples at the door and deny them treatment with impunity. Gay couples can be banned from public parks, public pools, anything that operates under the aegis of the Kansas state government.

Yesterday was for the unapologetic bigots.  Today is for people who think we should just stop talking about the hurdles faced by gay people, because talking about it is impolite, or something.  I wonder what the venn diagram between those two populations looks like?

(And yes, I linked to a liberal blog post, because it was reporting on pertinent news.  If you don't like it, you're invited to go piss up a flag pole.)

1.  I’m not in the arguing business, I’m in the saying what I think business.
2.  I get my information from my eyes.

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