NFL to Forbes: I love the way you lie

Cowboys worth NFL-best $2.3B

Forbes says the average NFL franchise is now worth $1.17 billion, more than the mean valuation of the world’s top 20 soccer teams ($968 million), average MLB team ($744 million), NBA team ($509 million) and NHL team ($282 million).

Forbes is still shoveling this bullshit upon the world at large, and here's uber-douche Darren Rovell, ready to credulously trumpet it while somehow resisting the urge to use his division skills to turn the values into meaningless rates. (Example: The Broncos are worth $165.9 million per day of the week!)

The Broncos are in the middle of the pack, and just below them are the Carolina Panthers, who represent the reason why I'm so certain that these billion-dollar valuations are garbage. Peep my article from March where I broke down their audited financial statements to remind yourself of why. I continue to believe, through analysis, that the Panthers are worth about $400 million as a business, tops. Amazingly, Forbes doesn't match those 2012 audited financials, which Deadspin made available to the world, on either revenue or operating income. Hacks!

1.  I’m not in the arguing business, I’m in the saying what I think business.
2.  I get my information from my eyes.

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