Monson: Welker to Denver a perfect fit

Five Great Free Agent Moves

I always assumed that Wes Welker would return to New England, figuring his value there was always likely to be higher than it would be outside of Foxboro, but a little part of me always wondered what Welker could do in Denver given the success of Brandon Stokley last season.

...Wes Welker for all his faults might be completely uncoverable running a certain route tree of underneath routes, and my mouth is watering at the prospect of the potential upgrade for Denver. Given the cost of the deal, this has the potential to take that offense to a different level, giving Manning a target he can guarantee will be open when he needs to pick up a short pass. Great move for both sides.

It's been suggested in some circles that Welker isn't that big an upgrade over Stokley, but that's likely only true relative to per-target efficiency. But Welker is five years younger, does not have the extensive concussion history Stokley does, and has been the league's most prolific slot receiver of all time. As Monson suggests, bringing in Welker is a perfect fit for Denver, and a no-brainer - especially given the price.

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